Fernando Pizarro Araya
O'Higgins #229, La Serena, Chile
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Fernando Pizarro Araya was born in 1972 in la serena. He was introduced by painting world his mother Norma Araya Valenzuela. She is an art teacher and pupil of famous painter Hernan Gazmuri. Since 1990, Fernando Pizarro has consolidated a self-educated carreer in watercolor, oil and acrylic painting and engraving technics. He has studied in art workshops teached in the university of la serena and other 4 region places.

Nowadays, fernando pizarro has specialized in objectual art, art installation, art recycling, design and photography together with plastic as a complement of his career.

His first single exhibition was in 1995 in coquimbo. Then he realized two exhibitions in galeria carmen codoceo and in santa ines cultural centre in la serena. Fernando pizarro also has been selected in national painting competitions and realized collective exhibitions in la serena, coquimbo, ovalle, antofagasta, temuco, santiago, valdivia, valparaiso and cordoba (argentina) with painting groups.

He presented his first art installation usig recycled materials called 'apuntes de viaje' in quartermaster building in la serena in 2014.

Fernando pizarro has been awarded and selected in different national competitions such as:

Valdivia y su rio, ricardo andwanter watercolor painting room , valdivia. J.f. gonzalez competition, limache. Municipal art room, valparaiso. Selected painter in amigos del arte room , la serena. Second place in gabriela mistral room in 1999, la serena. First place in competition 'pintando mi puerto', coquimbo. He received a recognition in e 'el totoral' in situ competition in 5 region. He received a recognition in gregorio de la fuente art room in situ in la serena, during 2009 and 2010. He got first placed in 2011 and 2014. He received a recognition in art competition in situ 'valdivia arte y cerveza' in 2013.

Nowadays, fernando pizarro develops his works in his studio in 0higgins street in la serena, his place of creation, diffusion and painters meetings.


2013: 'Assemble and count 1' , Cultural Center , St. Agnes Church , La Serena
2013: 'Art in the spring' Gabriel Gonzales Videla Museum , La Serena
2013: XXXI national painting competition and river Valdivia
2012: Roaming I Isaias national competition Cabezon , Salamanca
2010 : X Concurso Juan Francisco Gonzales, Limache
2010 : XXVIII national painting competition and river Valdivia
2008: 'Meat cannon' Sala serene Gabriela Mistral
2006: 'A square meter of Art' Mall Plaza La Serena, CADIAS Center, House of Arts Coquimbo
2005: I Painting Competition 2004 Room Liverpool Friends of Art, Mall Plaza La Serena.
2005: Sixth National Traveling Exhibition Hall Art Watercolor Anwandter Ricardo von Salis - Soglio
2005: Arts Contest House of Representatives, Vina del Mar
2003: Third Circuit Elqui Valley Art, organized by the UCN
2003: 'Plastic Vision nortina' APECH, gallery Carmen Codoceo
2002 : 'Image and presence in the Region' , ULS
2002 'Semi - arid North' in Santiago APECH
2002 : 'Instance Color and Images' exhibit Chela Lira UCN Antofagasta
1999 : Painting, Jazz, Fusion, Jazz Club Coquimbo
1999 : VII Painting Hall Secreduc La Serena
1998: Serena and colorful, ULS Extension Center
1998 : Presence of contemporary painters, ULS Extension Center
1995 : Gabriel González Videla Museum, La Serena

Solo Exhibitions

2010 : 'Scenes and portraits' , Cultural Center, St. Agnes Church , La Serena
2010 : 'Portraits and Landscapes' Gallery Codoceo Carmen, La Serena
2006: 'Horizons, Cities and Peoples' Alliance Francaise, La Serena
2002 : 'Oils and Watercolours', Sala José Manuel Balmaceda, Seremi MOP, La Serena
2001: 'Images' Gallery Codoceo Carmen, La Serena
1996 : 'House of Culture and Tourism', Coquimbo

Awards and recognitions

2013: Honorable Mention I VIII Valdivia art contest site and Beer
2013: Works in situ selected category and delivery in the XXXI National Painting Competition and Valdivia river
2012 : Selected in the first national painting competition 'Isaias Cabezon Work', Salamanca
2011 : Honorable Mention I spot painting contest master Gregorio de la Fuente, La Serena
2010 : Selected in the painting competition X 'Juan Francisco Gonzales' I Limache municipality of Work
2010 : Selected in the XXVIII National Painting Competition Valdivia River Work and
2010 : I place in the third spot painting contest master Gregorio Supply La Serena
2009: Honorable Mention II III national painting competition insitu The totoral V region
2009: II honorable mention in painting in situ II concurso master Gregorio de la Fuente, La Serena
2007 : Winner Work Contest North Virgin , Galeria Gallery Elqui Total
2005: Selected Work, 'The Arts Contest House of Representatives'
2004 : Selected in the sixth Hall Watercolor Art 'Ricardo Anwandter VSS' Work
2001 : First place contest 'Painting the port', Municipality of Coquimbo
2001: Selected Work In situ competition in the'Spring in Vitacura' Santiago
1999 : Second place prize Juan Pereira 'Seventh Secreduc Regional Painting Exhibition', La Serena